Sharing industrial experiences on process intensification is of utmost importance for increasing the number of commercial-scale implementations of
PI-technologies and for the general progress in the field. Therefore, similarly to the past editions of the PI conferences, the Warsaw event will include several sessions under a common title “Share Experiences”, specifically dedicated to industrial presentations. We encourage companies to participate in those sessions and to present their hands-on experiences with process intensification. Both “success stories” and “failure stories” are welcome as both have immense learning potential for the PI community. Abstracts submitted to the industrial sessions will undergo a simplified admission procedure based on different evaluation criteria than the regular academic research papers. Practical relevance will be the main criterion. Presentations having a clearly advertising character will not be accepted.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you intend to present your contribution at the industrial “Share Experiences” sessions, please select the topic “New Industrial Applications / “Share Experiences” sessions during abstract submission.

The “Share Experiences” sessions are endorsed by the European Process Intensification Centre (